bringing a little more joy and compassion to ourselves




Hello! Welcome to Joyful Living Yoga & Wellness. I am so glad you found my site

My name is Annie and it is my mission to make yoga more accessible while promoting joyful lifestyles. On my site you’ll find my teaching schedule, online yoga and meditation videos and a positive, supportive environment to learn and explore various wellness topics . Please look around and let me know if you have any questions or wish to collaborate. I look forward to meeting you!



Sharing my passion for yoga & wellness to underserved regions in Muskoka and a broader population online.

I host weekly yoga classes across various locations in Port Sydney and the Lake of Bays area. Classes are held in outdoor spaces, at community centres, studios and a timber frame barn!

To increase the availability of developing a yoga practice, I also offer free online classes that vary in length, style and focus.



A unique approach to yoga & wellness that integrates traditional yogic principles with my studies in western medicine, all the while practicing, learning and sharing within a safe and supportive environment.

I will be sharing my thoughts on, and helpful tips or resources available for various wellness topics. From yogic traditions to essential oils to gardening, I will explore the current literature and share my findings with you.


My Story

Hi! My name is Annie and I am so glad you found my site.

I am a 200-hour certified yoga teacher and I am currently studying medicine to become a physician. I am fascinated with the intersection of modern medicine and traditional yogic principles and believe we can live more holistically and joyfully through mindfulness.

The purpose of Joyful Living Yoga & Wellness is to create a community of people bringing a little more joy and compassion to themselves.

Through seasons of change, and the challenges and rewards that life throws at us, it is easy to get caught up in the hustle of our everyday lives. I hope to share my passion of yoga and wellness with the regions of Port Sydney and Lakes of Bays, as well as the broader online population, to slow down, reconnect and share wellness resources and information so that we can live our most JOYFUL life.